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SIA Lattelecom officially becomes SIA Tet as of 1 April. The transition to Tet will be gradual and no additional actions will be required from the customers -  it will be an automated process.

Initially, the new name and brand will enter the company's communications, traditional Wi-Fi networks and store design. The free Wi-Fi network will get a new name on 2 April. Lattelecom stores will gradually get the new look and name of Tet throughout April - already in the first week, shops in Riga (t/p Alfa and Acropolis), as well as in Liepāja, Cēsis and Jēkabpils will transition to Tet. Meanwhile the new Tet website will be available for users by the end of May. Already this year customers will be able to book a technician’s visit on the Tet app or self-service portal, receive a reminder of the visit and keep track of the technician as they are approaching the location - just like we are used to seeing in taxi apps.

“I thank Lattelecom with whom we have grown together and accomplished everything up to this day. It is Lattelecom that has given us many reasons to feel proud at national and global level - we have one of the fastest fibre optic internet speeds in Europe, the most state-of-the-art television and the most secure data centre in the Baltic States. Our Anete is the first Latvian-speaking client support chatbot. Tet will take the best out of Lattelecom and create new technological solutions for the people's everyday needs. The transition to Tet is based on a business strategy for the next three years and an ambitious digital transformation during which we will work on the development of external and internal processes and involve customers to offer faster and more convenient services,” stresses Lattelecom Chair of the Board Juris Gulbis.

For customers the transition will be simple

Standard customer numbers, company current accounts, service terms and current billing and payment dates will remain unchanged. The only thing the customer needs to do when making a payment in the bank is to indicate the new SIA Tet as the recipient. In the first few months however the payment will reach the right destination even if the customer will have forgotten to make the change. Similarly the service overview will also have a new look - the new visual identity of Tet. In future customers will communicate with Tet on all channels such as the chatbot, via e-mails and the call centre. With over 1100 people already involved in the development and testing the new Tet website will be available at the end of April in the development of which user experience has also been taken into account. Given that most website visitors access it from their mobile devices the new site is designed following the "mobile first" rule.

New name also for Wi-Fi networks

Lattelecom provides a wide-ranging free Wi-Fi network both in public places and in schools. Free Wi-Fi hotspots currently are available in nearly 4600 locations in Latvia over 900 of which have been set up in educational institutions all across Latvia. On 2 April the regular Wi-FI networks will have different names - Tet-free, Tet-skola and Tet_plus. When you use them for the first time you will need to change the network on your device and Tet_plus (the current Lattelecom_plus) users will need to enter a password once.

Digital transformation by 2021

This year Tet has launched an ambitious digital transformation project that will be implemented through the agile method. The project foresees changing IT systems and reviewing many processes to provide quick and easy services to customers. In the coming years €12 million will be invested in the digital transformation of internal and external processes. As a result we will improve customer experience across different service channels, use more chatbots in customer service and create new artificial intelligence solutions in data analytics.

For example by improving processes and IT systems it is planned to introduce a solution that will allow the identification and prevention of issues on the network or in the Wi-Fi router before they have occurred and been identified by the customer. The digital transformation will make it easier and more convenient to receive services in the digital environment  - simply and quickly to find a solution suitable for your needs, to apply for and receive it at a minimum deadline with the majority of work being done by automated systems which excludes the human error factor and allows the solution to be introduced much more swiftly. In turn by developing automated and personalised communication tools customers will be able to receive accurate information more quickly and easily reducing the duration of the consultation by six times, i.e., instead of the usual 20-30 minutes it will take five.

Ambition - new solutions and stepping up exports

Changing the name and brand based on the new business strategy is the next logical step of development. Lattelecom has long been expanding outside the telecommunications sector and the former business foundation - voice services is playing an increasingly less important role giving space for a range of new solutions - from internet, television and its own TV channels to Tet electricity, smart homes, data centre solutions, etc. More and more Latvian people are switching to the digital environment - the proportion of Lattelecom customers using digital services has increased almost twice last year - from 27 % to 46 % and the company needs to change along with them both in its processes and in the services provided. People-friendly and easy-to-use products and services will be developed in the three ecosystems defined in the business strategy - Home, Work, Data.

Lattelecom has clearly marked its place in export markets, whose income accounts for a tenth of the company's turnover. For example, 70 % of the company's data centre business is accounted for by exports and Lattelecom is among the three largest cloud service providers in Ukraine. The successful export experience in the Baltic States, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe will allow Tet to fully develop its export potential.

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