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The Tet Cloud website does not support Internet Explorer

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Tet Distant provides remote access to all office business data and data placement in cloud with the highest safety and access level. All you need is – computer and internet connection.

Convenience. Work from any place of the world – the whole office is in your computer.

Profitability. Possibility to install free operating systems on the users’ computers. Users’ computers have low performance requirements, since all the computing operations take place on the side of terminal server.

Reliability. Computer’s infrastructure is available around the clock and does not depend on local equipment malfunction. All data is stored in centralised manner.

Safety. Data protection and confidentiality in cases of damages or thefts of computers.

Simple compatibility. When working remotely, mobile communication can also be used.

Convenient management. Solution with easy scalability. Add new users, applications and servers to the terminal farm. IT administrator will manage work stations of all solutions and users.

Support. Support of professional experts for the implementation, customisation and maintenance of solution.

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