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Being aware of the risks in relation to the spread of COVID-19 and taking participation in the common fight against further spread of the virus, companies of Tet Group have moved to working remotely, as much as possible. As much as their duties permit, the employees of the group are working from home and continue providing services by using remote communication channels. In turn, employees providing critically important public functions continue working in person on the site. These employees observe social distancing and additional requirements for disinfection. 

Tet Group has developed the “Plan for Continuous Emergency Business” which determines provision of services regardless of any circumstances, including restrictions caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Currently support and provision of the Internet infrastructure in Latvia is especially important to aid the companies and private persons so that they could continue their work, as well as to support social communications and flow of information. For this reason, Tet specialists will continue their work on site, establishing the services and eliminating damage. For the purposes of safety of the specialists, before visiting a customer the employee of the call centre clarifies whether the customer has visited the risk countries and whether he/she does not have symptoms of the disease. As of March 19, most of Tet shops are closed, open remains one shop per region which will work according to shortened schedule and adhering to distancing and additional disinfection measures. We invite all customers to be responsible: not to visit shops when feeling ill, and to inform Tet of it in case of a visit by a specialist. All Tet employees working directly with the customers must adhere to guidance and instructions of the Group in relation to meeting customers in order to protect themselves and other people. 

To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and facilitate continuous business of Tet Group, even since the moment when the information concerning the first infected person in Latvia became known, Tet employees that had personally visited foreign countries or their family members that had done so (initially risk countries specified by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and currently any foreign countries), or which had contact with an infected person are obliged to comply with self-isolation and quarantine lasting for 14 days. All business trips of Tet employees, participation in public events have also been cancelled, and corporate events have been postponed. We will separately inform you on the new dates for events. 

Employees of the call centre work from home and continue to provide services and help the customers. Business customers should keep in mind that Tet minimises the possibility to visit the data processing centres. Tet employees will perform the necessary configurations for ensuring the customer’s requirements. 

Major investments have been made into Tet infrastructure, and the whole network that ensure Internet, has been backed up in double. It means that if equipment or cables do not work, this function will be taken over by back ups. Therefore, we do not see the risks of overloading, even though we expect the increase in the number of people working from home. 

We invite the public to facilitate the mitigation of risk of viral infection, and for that reason we present to all private customers of the interactive television Helio iTV the thematic package “for Children”, as well as Children’s Corner free of charge. Whereas, the customers with surface interactive television we offer the package for children and youth. 

In support to the initiative #stayhome, Tet invites the customers to use digital channels as much as possible for payment of invoices, ordering of services or making changes to the services, as well as for ordering equipment. In case of questions, please contact us


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