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Lattelecom has done a lot of work in the field of security. As a result, the enterprise has the PCI DSS certificate of the highest level, which allows financial institutions and web-based enterprises to place their infrastructure in the Lattelecom data center.

The certificate confirms that the Lattelecom DC enter meets the international VISA/MasterCard standards pertaining to each enterprise that processes, stores or forwards payment system data. Taking into account continuous increase of Internet commerce volume (the number of transactions) in the financial industry, and rising associated security risks in recent years, demand for services certified to the PCI DSS standard of the highest level has increased substantially. The first-level PCI DSS certificate means the highest security requirements, since the Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), which verifies compliance with standard requirements, performs the annual renewal of the certificate. This certificate is mandatory for enterprises with an annual transaction number of more than 300,000.

Renewal of the level 2 certificate is possible by the service provider itself, by filling out the annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

Director of Lattelecom DC Business development department Maris Sperga says: "PCI DSS certificate requires investments in IT security systems and processes, as well as in the professional development of experts, so more and more companies are choosing the infrastructure provided by the outsourcing company to ensure compliance with the PCI DSS standards. A PCI DSS Level 1 certificate ensures that the data center meets all current security standard requirements and there is no need to engage auditors to make sure that the data center meets VISA/MasterCard standards. Thus, the customer's money and time are saved."

DC Dattum Lattelecom received a PCI DSS 2nd level certificate two years ago. It allows outsourcing services to locate the infrastructure of financial organizations and Web-based enterprises. Lattelecom is the first DC operator in the Baltics, certified to the PCI DSS level 1. It offers the widest range of services in the Baltic countries ranging from equipment location in DC to the data network infrastructure maintaining.

Two Lattelecom DCs were certified in accordance with the requirements of PCI DSS level 1 to provide the highest level of availability and security. One of them, the DC Dattum, is the only one in Latvia with the TIERIII certificate. Continuing the DC business development, in the autumn of this year Lattelecom plans to open the first operator DC in Latvia. It will provide and offer reliability and high standards of Lattelecom services to operators interested in location of infrastructure in an open source data center.

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