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Each year Lattelecom is at the top in the Top-10 best employers, not only because of the company's high financial performance, but also thanks to the modern and efficient working environment. Over the past three years, Lattelecom has created the first smart office in Latvia, realized an ambitious project - in the lobby of the main office was installed the screen for premises, largest in the Baltics, and also purchased electric vehicles for work.

Already in 2015 Lattelecom has created the most modern smart office in the Baltics, able to vary depending on employees’ needs - premises, work resources or communication. The office concept was determined by three basic conditions - diverse and flexible working environment within a single level, a sufficient space for individual work and encouragement of communication, cooperation and creativity, which is essential for the overall development of the enterprise and the generation of new technological ideas.

Previously there was a desk for everyone, meeting rooms and separate offices for managers in the office, but Mettropol has much more variety in the choice of individual working areas, meeting rooms and recreation areas. For example, to concentrate before the report, employee can choose a quiet zone, but for exchange ideas with colleagues, the creative hall, tea or design area will be more suitable. An unusual but important point - all managers work together with the team. A diverse environment allows everyone to find the most suitable place for him, based on the mood, task or plans of colleagues.

"Hot desk" system research results shows that on average about 40% of the work time is spent by the employee at his desk, therefore, in the smart Mettropole office Lattelecom employees have no assigned desks - at the time when the employee participates in the meeting, dines or is out of the office, the workplace is used by another colleague. The Mettropole project also made it possible to use the company's resources more efficiently – the work capacity of employees in these premises increased by 70% compared to the previous space organization. In turn, employee room maintaining cost reduced by more than 40%.

Therefore, being a leader in innovation means fulfilling promises, Lattelecom comes up with something new every year to improve the working environment and motivate both employees and customers. In 2017, the company introduced its new business card - the largest indoor screen in the Baltics. Impressive 19.5-meter-long video wall is in the lobby of the office on Dzirnavu Street.

It is important for the company to take care of the environment, so in 2018 Lattelecom acquired two electric vehicles KIA SOUL. To make it easier for employees to use cars, they built a charging station on Dzirnavu Street them, and another station for charging electric cars is planned in cooperation with Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

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